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Ex-Dailyites Host Imperialist Website

This site holds all the pictures we can find from the reunion, the award presentation to Ron Fleischman, and any personal anecdotes you feel like sending in.

The People pages contain thumbnail photos - click on them for the full-sized version. For more information on anyone in a picture, move the mouse over the picture without clicking.

Please help us fill in the details by using the feedback bulletin board - there are links to it wherever you see the Feedback icon. The Dailyites Forum appears (first time viewers will have to register) and you can post any comments, experiences, political innuendo, offensive personal habits, caption suggestions etc. which you may remember or dream up and wish to share with other ex-Daily staffers.

All submissions will be treated as fictional and may be flogged off to the Fanny Burney Archives to cover the bar bill at the next CUP conference.

I hope to put all the shots in the appropriate department if I can get enough info about them. See individual departments for the first effort to sort everyone out!

If you need someone to blame for political incorrectness, it's me. But remember that I'm an honorary lesbian and registered Somewhat Disabled, so don't push your luck. Email me at: technocrat at dailyites.net

If you need to critique the layout, see Dave Chenoweth and Jacob Goldenberger because they taught me all I know about layout at about 9:30pm on September 21, 1969, while waiting for the taxi to Dumont. Thanks also to the Daily for those unforgettable years publishing a genuine campus daily newspaper during Quebec's political coming of age.

Whatever else you do, please enjoy this site and send in your feedback, suggestions and reminisences to share with everyone else.

-- Rick Heybroek, technocrat (well, Rene Sorel used to call me that and if the sabot fits...)

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